1. a noun suffix meaning `daughter of', as in Nereid, and used also in astronomy to form names of meteors appearing to radiate in showers from particular constellations, etc., as in Andromedid.

2. a suffix used in naming epics, as in Aeneid.
{Latin -id- (nominative -is), feminine patronymic suffix, from Greek}
a suffix of nouns and adjectives indicating members of a zoological family, as in cichlid, or of some other group or division, as in acarid, arachnid.

{New Latin -idae, in zoological family names plural of Latin -idēs (masculine patronymic suffix), from Greek; sometimes from New Latin -ida, in group names, taken as neuter plural of Latin -idēs. Compare French -ide}
variant of -ide, as in parotid.
a quasi-suffix common in adjectives, especially of states which appeal to the senses, as in torrid, acid.

{Latin -idus}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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